5 Tips To Make Your Small Living Room Look Bigger

24 October 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Do you have a small living room space? Would you like to make it appear larger? Your living room is likely the part of your home that is most frequently visited by guests. If that room looks cramped and cluttered, your guests may find it uninviting and may assume that the rest of your house is small. That's probably not the perception you want them to have, especially if you're considering selling your home in the near future. While you can't change the dimensions of your home, you can take steps to make your room feel bigger. Here are some top tips to enhance your small space's appearance:

Draw the eyes up. Many people focus their eyes on only the lower half of a room because that's where most of the room's furnishings and decorative items are located. However, by only looking at the lower half of the room, they're not seeing the entire upper half. That makes your room appear smaller.

You can fix this by putting things at the top of the room to draw the eyes up. Consider painting or wallpapering your ceiling. Or attach a bookshelf to the top of the wall and fill it with books and pictures. If your guests are looking up, they'll take in more of the room, making it appear larger.

Use statement pieces of furniture. In a small space, less is more. It may seem counter-intuitive, but one large piece of furniture will make your room look bigger than if you have several pieces of smaller furniture. That's because the multiple pieces of furniture will actually make the room feel cramped. Try using a large wraparound couch rather than a smaller couch and a love seat.

Use stripes. Stripes can draw the eye along the length of the room, making it feel bigger. One great way to incorporate stripes into your living room is with a large area rug. Get a rug that has bold stripes that will run the length of the room. That will act as a centerpiece that can enhance the space.

Go with light colors. A quick and easy way to make your room feel bigger is to paint the walls. If you do, go with a light shade. Dark colors make the room feel cozy because they absorb light. On the other hand, lighter shades reflect light, allowing it to bounce and the room and enhance the space's perceived size.

Take advantage of hidden storage. Small clutter is your biggest enemy. Books, toys, and other small items that could lay around the room will always make a room feel cluttered and cramped. You may not have much room for storage, but you can take advantage of hidden spaces. Look for furniture pieces like ottomans or coffee tables that could have removable tops, allowing you to store small clutter items inside. That will give you an easy way to keep the room clear and clutter-free.

For more information, talk to an interior designer, like those at Jostar Interior Designers. They can examine your space and help you find ways to make it look bigger.