Keeping Wood Shutters Looking Like New

1 November 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

If you have just had a new set of wood shutters installed around your home's windows, you will want to take the necessary steps in having them maintained so they stay in workable condition and great-looking shape. Routine maintenance steps can be taken periodically to help retain the original look of your wooden shutters. Here are some steps to follow when cleaning wood shutters.

Dusting Procedure

If you regularly open windows in your home, dust from outdoors will make its way to your shutters, making it important to dust them frequently. Avoid using a feather duster to dust your shutters as this method will not remove dust from the area but instead will move it around, possibly embedding particles in the louver mechanisms. A better dusting medium is the use of static electric dusting cloths to completely remove dust from the shutters. 

Adjust the louvers in an upright position and wipe each slat by hand, making sure to get the cloth into tight crevices to keep louvers moving properly. Move the louvers to a downward position and repeat. Finally, close the louvers and finish the dusting job by wiping each slat to remove any dust you had accumulated.

Vacuuming Procedure

If dusting does not remove all the surface dirt from your louvers or if you do not have the time to do a complete dusting procedure, the louvers can be vacuumed to remove dirt. Use a soft-bristled brush attachment so the wood or its finish does not become scratched as you vacuum. Hold the brush a bit away from the wood as the vacuum sucks up dirt.

Cleaning Procedure

If you dust your shutters each week or a few times a month, you may be able to ward off needing a cleaning process. Wood shutters should not remain wet for long as they can warp from excessive moisture. Water can also damage the finish used to color wood shutters. If dirt builds up on the louvers and dusting or vacuuming does not remove it, dampen a piece of microfiber cloth and wipe down each louver by hand. Use a hair dryer immediately afterward to dry the wood so moisture does not settle in the grain.

Do not use household cleansers on wood shutters as they can cause the finish to crack and peel. Instead, for stains or tough-to-remove grime, add a splash of vinegar to a bowl of warm water and dampen your microfiber cloth using this solution. Contact a company like First Class Shutters for more information.