Refuting Security System Myths You May Believe

2 November 2015
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Protecting your home from criminal activity can be one of the most important steps to take. Unfortunately, there are many homeowners that are ill-informed about modern security systems, and this may cause them to fail to consider installing this option. However, if you have limited knowledge about these systems, having the following two myths dispelled should provide you with a better understanding about this option.

Myth: Losing Power Will Cause The Security System To Fail

It is extremely common for a home to suffer a power loss during a strong storm or when work is being done to the local power grid. While this will cause most of the electronic devices in your home to stop working, it should be noted the security system will likely continue to function. This is possible because there is a battery backup system in these units that will activate when a loss of power is detected.

For homeowners that want additional assurances the security system always receives enough power, it is possible to install solar panels to complement the battery backup. If you are concerned about the cost of installing solar panels, you should be aware there are many government tax incentives and rebate programs that can be used to help offset the cost of making this upgrade. By making this upgrade, you can be confident your security system will function regardless of the condition of the local power grid.

Myth: A Security System Only Benefits You If There Is A Crime

Another frequent belief about these systems is they only benefit the home in the event of a crime. While this is certainly the main function of these systems, it should be noted homeowners can enjoy other benefits as well. For example, it is fairly common for homeowner insurance policies to offer their customers discounts if they install these systems in the home. While installing this type of system will represent a sizable cost, these benefits can make this investment more than worthwhile for homeowners to make.

Ensuring a home is protected from the various threats that it will face may require the installation of a security system. These systems, like one from Exclusive Alarms Inc, will monitor the home for a number of threats, and after you know the realities behind these two misconceptions, you should find you are in a better position to appreciate the effectiveness and value offered by making the upgrade to the home.