Teak Accessory Options For Interesting, Upscale Outdoor Designs

4 November 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

The wood from the Teak tree has been appreciated for centuries because of its ability to remain durable and beautiful, even when exposed to the weather. This exquisite wood was once the top choice of boat builders, but today is more often found in furnishings, particularly for outdoor living. Teak provides a look that is elegant, but not overdone. It is perfect for homes that want something a little more upscale than iron or resin furniture. Of course, when high-end furnishings are used, extra care needs to be taken when choosing accessories, in order for the design to mesh properly. Here are a few examples of how some are accessorizing their outdoor entertaining areas.

Providing Some Shade

When details matter, products like teak umbrellas are an excellent choice. In open patio designs, umbrellas are a stylish way to provide a shaded spot for dining and relaxing. The teak is used to make the framework and pole of the umbrella, and linen or canvas cloth add a touch of color. These umbrellas pair easily with teak tables and chairs and provide a continuity in the design.

Keeping it Fun

An exciting option that can add a touch of class while also providing entertainment is the chess set. Teak chess sets that are designed for outdoor use, are available in a huge array of sizes. There are traditional boards that can be left outside without damage. Combination tables that are a chessboard and storage table in one are also another option. In addition, oversized boards with chess pieces made from teak are available with pieces up to 6-feet tall. This option is especially fun in settings where a balcony overlooks the large board, making it possible to direct the players from above.

Finding Some Storage

Every home needs more storage, and teak chests are a sensible option. The beautiful trunks can be used to store any type of gear, protecting everything from the elements. In addition, the surface can be an additional table top or seating area, depending on the style of bench chosen. Locking storage cabinets are available for extra security.

Building a Foundation

If brick or stone pavers are not appealing, and crushed rock does not seem solid or comfortable enough under the feet, consider using teak flooring. Teak flooring can be purchased in thin slats, wide strips and pre-designed decorative squares. There are teak floor mats too that make unique throw "rugs" to use as an accent piece. The flooring and mats can be installed tightly pieced together like an interior floor or with gaps or in a grated design that will allow water to drain off the surface.

Teak accessories are available in many places, from furniture shops to individual wood artists. It is possible to find products made from freshly harvested teak and reclaimed wood, usually taken from old boats and ships. Pieces can be stained, painted or left alone to allow it to fade from the golden color it has when new to the silvery-gray shade seasoned teak becomes.   

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