One Grubby Situation: Tips For Spotting A Grub Infestation

5 November 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Despite how small the creatures can be, grubs can bring large problems to your property. If you've never encountered these little pests before, it's in your best interest to understand both what they are and what you can do about them. Here's a look at the basics that you need to know to combat a grub infestation.

What Are They?

Grubs are insect larvae that infest your lawn after hatching in the soil directly below the grass.

How Can You Spot Them?

Although there are different species of grubs, they all look very similar and therefore are usually referred to as white grubs. They are six-legged critters that grow to about an inch or so long. They're known for their unique curl, which leaves the body looking a bit like a C.

During the winter, grubs hibernate in your lawn soil. When spring settles in, your lawn becomes a smorgasbord of food for them. You'll know they're there by these tell-tale signs.

  1. Brown, Dead Grass – Grubs eat grass roots. This means that a moderate infestation of grubs can actually sever the root system that feeds your grass, which leaves the turf unable to absorb nutrients. It leads to patches of dead grass across the property.  
  2. Loose Grass – Since grubs sever the roots, an infestation leads to loose grass. If you can grasp the grass and roll it back away from the soil beneath, you've got one grubby problem on your hands.

What Can You Do About Them?

In order to eliminate grubs from your lawn, you need to disrupt the living environment for them without disturbing the other insects or local bird population. A lawn care professional or landscaping specialist can help you with a treatment option that's safe for your area.

Mow the grass so that it's short before you apply the treatment, then water the lawn well after the pesticide application. This helps the treatment to seep into the roots of the grass so that the grubs feed. It may take a couple weeks for the treatment to be effective, so be patient.

Understanding these warning signs is the first step to spotting a problem with grubs before it gets out of hand. With the help of a skilled landscaper like one from Carmanah Landscaping Ltd, you'll be able to treat your lawn and restore your grass easily. If you suspect that you have a problem with grubs in your yard, call a specialist right away.