Comings And Goings: 4 Steps To Creating A Great Entryway

6 November 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

They say that first impressions are the most important. And they're certainly something you can't get back to do over again. So, what is the first impression your home is giving as people enter? When decorating and planning their home's interior, many people fail to think sufficiently about how to decorate their entryway -- despite this being the first impression that people have of their homes. If you have taken this head-in-the-sand approach to decorating your foyer or entryway, now is a great time to start anew. Here are four steps to successfully designing a beautiful entry.

Think About Your Message

Before you buy any furniture or decor, start by thinking about what you want your foyer to say about your home. Do you want an elegant, classic style? Country chic? Rustic charm? Old-school glamour? The decorative theme of your home should be reflected and started at the front door. So assess your home's overall style and think about how you can carefully blend that into the entryway from the outset. 

Plan for Functionality

The second thing that you should suss out is what purpose your entry needs to serve. Aside from providing a way into your home's stylistic theme, what does the entryway need to do in functional terms? If you like people to remove their shoes, for example, it should include a place to sit and a spot to put shoes in an organized manner. If you live in a cold or wet area, does it need to store coats, hats or scarves for guests? Do you need to expand storage because space is limited in your home? All these practical needs should be written down so that you can work them into your decoration as you purchase items. 

Start With a Focal Point

With your style and needs in mind, look for a large focal point you can use to anchor the whole entryway. This can be anything that strikes your fancy and epitomizes the message you want to get across with your foyer decoration. It may be a large and whimsical mirror, a unique hanging light or a fun distressed dresser. Once you have your focal piece in place, build outward to complement it. 

Decorate Sparingly

Your focal point should hold the majority of attention in the entry -- especially if the space is small. While you want to add pieces to increase the practicality of the space or its beauty, be careful not to add to much. If your focal piece in a large foyer is a beautiful round table, for example, place one object, art piece or greenery in the center of the table and no more than two or three additional items around it. Entryways have a tendency to become cluttered through natural use, so it's important to start out by only including things that have a purpose or positively add to the theme you're creating. 

By following these four steps, you can create a fantastic entry area that will impress your guests from the beginning. Consider looking into local furniture stores to get more ideas for your entryway and read more about the products they offer.