How To Have Streak-Free, Clear Windows

6 November 2015
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Are you looking for the best way to have streak-free, shiny windows inside and outside your home? The best way to clean your windows is with a simple combination of common household items and kitchen ingredients. 

Window Cleaning Solution

1 Gallon warm water

1 Cup white distilled vinegar

1 Teaspoon dish washing liquid

1 Tablespoon liquid dishwasher rinse aid (for outdoor window cleaning)

Cleaning Indoor Windows

A great way to get streak-free, clean windows is to use this simple window cleaning formula. Mix the warm water, white distilled vinegar, and dish washing liquid and stir. Then place part of the solution into a spray bottle. Spray your windows and wipe down with a washcloth. You may have heard of using newspapers to buff your windows, but newspaper ink can stain your fingers and fall apart easily. Paper coffee filters are a better alternative. Buff your windows to remove leftover streaks and moisture. Your windows will look shiny and new. 

Streak-free Outdoor Windows

It is easy to clean outdoor windows, even if they are hard to reach. In a bucket, create the window washing solution above with the added liquid dishwasher rinse aid. Spray down your windows with your garden hose. Use a microfiber duster with extension pole to spread the solution onto your windows. Give the solution 30 seconds to sit and simply rinse the window with your hose. The dishwasher rinse aid will make your windows dry without the need to wipe or squeegee. Check back once the windows have completely dried to admire your streak-free, shiny windows. 

Hard Water Spots

Sprinklers often spray your windows with untreated water, which leaves mineral deposits. There is an easy solution for hard water spots that never seem to go away. All you need is a microfiber cloth, a spray bottle, vinegar and warm water. Combine 1 part water to 1 part white distilled vinegar and place in the spray bottle. Give the bottle a shake to mix the solution. Then, spray the hard water spots and allow the solution to sit for 1-2 minutes. Wipe down the window with the microfiber cloth, adding a bit of pressure to remove the mineral buildup. If the hard water spots remain, repeat the process with pure white distilled vinegar. Then, continue washing with the outdoor cleaning technique above. 

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