Tips for Creating an Affordable and Enchanting Backyard Landscape

6 November 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Nothing quite compares to enjoying a beautiful landscape on a warm summer evening. While most every homeowner would love to have a garden in their backyard, a lot of people do not have time or money for creating one. However, if you would like to have the enchanting feel of a romantic garden in your backyard, follow these affordable and unique tips for doing so.

Framing Your Landscape, Starting With Your Fencing

Encircling your backyard with a fence can sometimes take away from the romantic appeal you are trying to achieve, especially if it is a chain link or other metal fence. Covering your fence is the best way to not only hide it, but to also allow it to remain a way for keeping kids and pets in the yard. Wisteria or English Ivy grows fast and looks great as a border. The great thing about Wisteria is it produces colorful blooms that can add to the charm of your garden.

Recycled Tree Stumps Can Add Rustic Appeal

Tree stumps can be used as a variety of furnishings in your garden, You can use a tree stump with a wide diameter as a table. Stumps that are smaller can make excellent seats around an outdoor table. Tree stumps also make great places to put pots of flowers. If you are trying to create a landscape with more greener color, consider growing moss over a stump in your yard for a unusual and all-natural addition to your landscape.

Colorful One-Of-A-Kind Stepping Stones Can Add Charm

Getting your kids in on the design of your backyard can be a lot of fun, a good way to spend time together and also a way to get unusual, one-of-a-kind stepping stones. By taking a cardboard box, one that is the width of the stones you would like , and pouring concrete into them, you have the start of your stones. Before the concrete dries, have your kids place colorful stones into the concrete. Be sure to set the colored stones deep enough so they will remain there after the concrete sets and dries.

Lighting The Way Without Electricity or Solar Lights

Adding a soft glow to your garden can be beneficial for more than just creating an enchanting ambiance. Spray painting flower pots with glow-in-the-dark paint and lining them along pathways can provide enough light to see where you are stepping at night while also costing nothing but the price of the spray paint and your efforts making the pots.

When you can step out of your back door into a garden you created, you can enjoy more. You can make a garden paradise of your own without spending a small fortune. All you need to do is use your imagination and you may be surprised at how many ideas you come up with. If you need a little help landscaping, you may want to contact a local professional, such as Allgreen Landscape & Design Ltd., to discuss different possibilities for your yard.