3 Tips For Preserving The Condition Of Wood Blinds For Years To Come

3 May 2016
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Wood blinds can help add the privacy you desire for your home, as well as improve the aesthetics of your yard, but they can also come with challenges if you don't learn about what is required for their maintenance. In fact, wood blinds that are ignored for months or years without care can quickly deteriorate to the point where you may even need to replace them.

The best way to ensure that your installation of wood blinds in your windows is a good investment is to make sure that you become familiar with what kind of maintenance is expected.

Be Careful About Which Cleaning Solutions You Use

Buying pricey cleaning solutions may be out of your budget and something you want to avoid due to the chemicals you will need to bring into your home. An easy way to avoid expensive cleaning solutions is by making your own cleaner. Since wood blinds need to be treated delicately, look into using a floor cleaner with a few basic ingredients.

With just white vinegar, warm water, and essential oils of your preference, your wood blinds can be given a good cleaning and smell nice as well.

Routinely Dust and Clean the Blinds to Remove Grime

Simply having the right cleaning solution for your blinds isn't enough if you're concerned about keeping them in the best condition. To do this, you need to rely on routinely cleaning the wood blinds. Making a habit of removing or simply dusting between the wood blinds and following up with cleaning will remove built-up grime and dust that will worsen over time.

Keep Pets and Children Away from the Blinds

While cleaning can help keep the blinds looking nice for the most part, it's not enough to preserve them against damage—especially in a home with young children or pets. Curious hands, paws, and noses can dig their way in between the blinds and potentially pull them down. This is not only unsafe for your family since injuries can occur, but it can also lead to scratches and other damage to the blinds over time.

After getting wood blinds installed as the main window treatment in your home, you are accepting the task of doing what needs to be done to keep them clean. By knowing what's involved in their maintenance, you won't need to be worried about them getting excessively dirty or damaged in another way due to a lack of care or cleaning. 

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