3 Tips For Preserving The Condition Of Wood Blinds For Years To Come

3 May 2016
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Wood blinds can help add the privacy you desire for your home, as well as improve the aesthetics of your yard, but they can also come with challenges if you don't learn about what is required for their maintenance. In fact, wood blinds that are ignored for months or years without care can quickly deteriorate to the point where you may even need to replace them. The best way to ensure that your installation of wood blinds in your windows is a good investment is to make sure that you become familiar with what kind of maintenance is expected. Read More 

Five Ways To Fix Tree-Root-Lifted Concrete

10 March 2016
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Trees are important landscape elements that provide myriad benefits to not only the homeowner, but also the entire neighborhood. In addition to raising property values, trees help moderate the climate, absorb excess runoff water and improve the mental health of those living in their company. Unfortunately, trees are often planted too closely to concrete driveways and sidewalks. As the tree grows, the roots spread out into the surrounding soil; if the roots pass under hardscapes, they can actually lift the concrete several inches above grade. Read More